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How far in advance can I book an appointment with you?

I prefer 24 hours notice from established clients. First time clients must be prepared for me to complete the screening process, for which there are no exceptions. Of course, the more notice the better; longer notice is more likely to secure my time for you. As always, I will do my very best to meet established client's needs.

I am very private, must I follow your screening process?

I value my safety as much as I respect your privacy. My own safety is my top priority. I'm a very private person myself, but I simply must verify who you are before I meet you. All information is 100% confidential and will never be shared. I will protect you as I do myself. Discretion on all levels is understood to be of the utmost importance. Fully completing the contact form ensures a timely rendezvous with yours truly.

Lorelei Nixie Bloomington Indiana

How often do you date?

I value quality over quantity and see only a select few gentlemen best suited for my taste. My life outside of being a courtesan is full and varied, but do prefer longer arrangements or dates.

What will you wear on our date?

My dress is casual yet sexy. I fit in anywhere I go and without drawing attention (except for turning heads). After our initial meeting, any special attire requests will be enthusiastically accommodated.


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